Should I rent a car in Iceland?

One of the most asked questions about car rental in Iceland is exactly this one... should you rent a car in Iceland?

You've got options

Iceland has great public transport, so you can use the Strætó network to get around. Frequency of the longer distance routes are somewhat limited, but if you're a great planner you might just pull it off! The public buses do however not go into the highland and they generally stay away from F-roads (mountain roads) since the buses are not equipped for those conditions.

Why rent a car?

One of the reasons to rent a car in Iceland is to be able to go on those F-roads, to get to the sights that are not accessible with a taxi, with a tour operator or public transport.

When renting your car you can make on-the-go adjustments to your itinerary, staying longer than the allocated time (by a tour operator) at the sights, but above all you can arrive at times when there is less traffic on the main sights. In the summer, when there is plenty of daylight, you might even want to settle in at your accommodation, and continue exploring into the late evening or even the night (natural midnight, when the sun is in the highest position occurs at 1:30 in the morning in the western part of Iceland).

Make sure you stay safe on the Icelandic roads. Gravel roads are almost like driving in icy conditions, be very careful not to park your car on the road - since shoulders are more often than not very narrow - and take care when going over bridges that only allow one car at a time - you might have to wait!

Renting a 4x4 jeep / SUV in Iceland

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